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Modern On-Call and Shift Scheduling Software for Today's Medical Residencies

The MedRez.net Scheduling Tool by H2-O2 was designed to help chief residents and program coordinators make and distribute on-call and shift schedules efficiently.
The Scheduling Tool was originally written for a small neurology residency program in Los Angeles where the problem was to create a fair and duty-hour rules compliant schedule with just four residents covering call. The clinic days interfered with a Q-4 pattern, therefore an ad-hoc schedule had to be developed each month, to the chagrin of chief residents.
Making each schedule by hand took many hours of tedious work and often hid conflicts and other unfortunate surprises. With the very first highly experimental version of the Scheduling Tool the remaining four schedules for the year were all finished in two evenings.
Since those days the MedRez.net Scheduling Tool has evolved to be more flexible, easier to use, and has added features such as publishing, online requests, and more. The Scheduling Tool is now used to create large Internal Medicine Schedules, large Emergency Medicine Schedules, and still caters to small programs.
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