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H2-O2 is a medical software development company based in Nashville, Tennessee. The founder, Olivier Forget is a former aerospace engineer who has always been fascinated by the use of computers to solve everyday problems.

Why Residency Scheduling?

The task of making schedules in a medical residency is difficult. Resident rest and minumum staffing requirements are contradictory factors that must be balanced. To make things worse the problem changes every month as residents move to different rotations. This kind of problem is perfect for a computer-based solution, and is just the kind of challenge that H2-O2 founder Olivier Forget relishes. Furthermore, the idea of helping the poor chief residents who are stuck with this tedious task is rewarding for the programmer.

What we believe in:

  • Software that works for you

    We believe using software should result in a quick boost in productivity. Programs should not be hard to understand or difficult to learn.
  • Software that works well

    Using buggy or poorly designed software is a drain to your resources. We believe that software should work without problems so you can focus on the task at hand.
  • Responding to Customer Needs

    We believe users of our program are in the best position to tell us how to improve it. We welcome all comments about our program and the enhancements to it are often the result of a customer making a helpful suggestion.